Masculinity (Feat. John Celesky)

Over the years, John Celesky and I've had shared a friendship and continuous collaboration in art. Sparked in theatre and performance, both of us have continued to move into new territories of art and expression, an aspect about our friendship that I feel blessed to experience in life. Personally, my admiration of Joh lies in who he is; a masculine individual who carries with him a heart from God and love not usual in this world.  In this shoot, I wanted to explore the traits that I felt John expressed in a world constantly grappling with the question of what it takes to "Man up" and live up to such a title as a man. Often, as we tread new ground in our search to marry the best parts of us, it can often feel overwhelming. This eventually became images in my mind of John dressed in standard American-business wear, submerged in water as he searches and struggles in the conditions without a clear beginning or end point. 

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